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Minsinlilletue from Hedmark wrote July 19, 2007 at 10:52 (GMT)

Takk for titten
Hei til dere, og takk til Toril for opplysningen om Marihand. Jeg la ikke merke til om planta har flekker, men i dag gikk jeg tur med hunden min her hjemme, og da fikk jeg jo se samme blomsten! Da har jeg nok ikke vært så oppservant skjønner jeg.
Flott hjemmeside dette her.
Jeg kommer gjerne tilbake.

Susanne from Gunnilse wrote June 22, 2007 at 8:30 (GMT)

Önskar dig/er en varm och härlig Midsommar Kram Susanne

Merike Kyynal from Tartu, Estonia wrote June 19, 2007 at 19:26 (GMT)

Greetings from Estonia!
Dear Magnar, so nice to get aquainted with you and your wife, and your wonderful plants. We are a bit soulmates, I also love to grow plants from seeds, every year I try something new.My favourites are still spring bulb flowers. Last year I got some bulbs from England as a present. They started to bloom in April this year and I was so happy for 2 weeks! I know you understand me :))) I wish you to be continuously successive with growing plants, best regards from Estonia!

alain DENIS from 16, rue du chemin vert 91810 Vert Le Grand FRANCE wrote May 25, 2007 at 19:36 (GMT)

A garden I'm dreaming of
I know your site for a long time. And it's a very lovely one. You have a unique opportunity in living on your island as it gives you the best conditions for growing alpines plants. I'm wondering if you could not grow patagonian alpines (I've seen the Calceolarias which are simply as 'in situ'. The climate in France and particularly in the south suburb of Paris is not so beneficial as in Norway for alpines and for this reason we are now trying South African plants! No, I'm joking, although.
Dear Magnar I'm very found of the Corydalis genus of which I grow 40 species and I am very interested by your Corydalis stenantha and flaccida.
I will put a link to your site on mine and ask you to put a link to my site on yours if it is acceptable to you.
Maybe should it be possible to make exchanges of Corydalis tubers envelopped in moss within plastic pockets (I can send you some). I also can send you fresh conserved seeds of patagonian flowers received from the french Alpine Botanic Garden of the Lautaret Pass (High Alps).
All my best wishes and please go ahead.
Many thanks

Sverre Skoglund from Vangsvik wrote May 22, 2007 at 18:03 (GMT)

I was quite amazed to see your flower pictures from just across the Vågsfjorden.

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